1980 MUSIC MAN 115 RD -100 - EVM RD115 100 Watt RMS 2x6L6GC Weight (Lbs) 57 Code AM156

Clean one-owner amp w casters, footswitch for overdrive/reverb (extra long cable). Excellent working condition & sound outfitted with an EVM15L and suitable for use as a guitar or bass amp, this amp puts out excellent sound for either instrument. has the two 6L6GC STR-387 tubes. MusicMan is known as Leo Fender's second company, created years after he sold FEIC to CBS in January 1965. What sets these amps apart is that they all have a solid state preamp section, but have a tube power amp.

Chet with the Gretsch twelve stringfrom the cover of Chet
Atkins Picks on the Beatles control the bass takes some technique.
Chets Rig - Boss digital delay and a little Music Man RD "