A Michael Soldano Signature Speedster AD21000-PT Speaker and Cab Combo Amplifier in Hot Rod Purple and Marble - Made in the USAHand built, custom shop created, low serial number (043), signed by M. Soldano himself.  This is a very nice high end boutique amp, with an adjustable bias for either of the two 6V6s that power it.  It's rated at 25W Class A  - # 0043 THE FIRST SERIES -

The 25 watt Speedster Deluxe™ raises the bar in the honored tradition of fine tube amplification. A single channel, single volume affair that is natural and simple to use. At low volume the tone is clean and very dynamic, great for hybrid picking or fingerstyle techniques. When the amp is pushed, the beautiful break up echoes classic tones from a bygone era. The Speedster is a fine instrument that responds with sensitivity to your touch and everything in your signal chain. This allows the talent of the musician to convey their own distinctive musical intent.