15 Watt vintage rare tube amp with 2 Channel, tremolo and 4X8 speakers. Tweed cream tolex  very light full of character and sound. 110-220 Volts Weight 14Kg


In 1957, Athos Davoli founded the Krundaal Davoli company in Parma where he had moved from his native town of Correggio. In the 1960s Davoli produced amplifiers for musical instruments and for voice and gained ever-increasing fame. Most of the Italian musical bands (then called "complex"), and also the foreign ones on tour in our country, use the Davoli-Krundaal amplification systems. In that decade a real "boom" of requests was created due to the continuous flourishing of new groups musical instruments and Davoli develops an intense collaboration with Antonio Pioli "Wandre" (1926-2004) and together they create a splendid production of electric guitars, which are now collectors items all over the world.