Vintage Barcus-Berry Standard PreAmp Model 1330

1973 GIBSON  J200 Blond, EX code AC111

Beautifull Gibson J-200 from 1973 Made in Kalamazoo in a natural finish. The guitar offers a warm and focused midrange, strong treble response, and a balance across the strings that one might not otherwise suspect. It’s a remarkably versatile guitar, and equally well suited to strumming or fingerstyle. With a comfortable action this example is in excellent condition, crack free, and has been well cared for. It’s had a Barcus Berry pickup professionally installed with a classical mod.1330  B.B. Pre Amp so a real strong natural sound amplified with open sound very well balanced. Perfect straight neck and original 95% frets. Original Gibson Gold Waffle Back Tuner. Come with Original Case.