1980 RICKENBACKER  4080 model Twin neck, White, RARE,EX

code BA555

The Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar was a double neck guitar consisting of a four-string bass for the top neck and a six-string or twelve-string guitar for the bottom. The original 4080's was built for Geddy Lee of Rush for four of their albums: A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures.

This Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar is very rare and ultra cool Rickenbacker guitar. Rickenbacker started making a limited production run of doublenecks in 1975 - before that they were special order only – with three models – onejust guitar (12-string /6-string) and two with guitar and bass – the 4080-12 (4-string on top, 12-string on bottom) and the 4080 (4-string on top, 6-string on bottom).

Il Basso apparteneva a Peter Barton:




Geddy with his Rickenbacker 4008 doubleneck, keyboards and bass pedals.

Geddy Lee: Rush’s Farewell to Kings Tour 1978. That doubleneck had to weigh as much as Geddy, they are beasts.